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Sept 17: Live & Interactive Online Class: Boosting Vitality, Motivation & Confidence with Carnelian

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Saturday, September 17, 2022 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM pacific time zone $38.00 USD registration link: This class is in Pacific Time Zone. In this live and interactive online course, you will learn how to enhance vitality, energy and motivation with carnelian gemstone. Carnelian is an amazing healing gemstone that has an energizing, fiery, creative and joyful effect. This is a practical hands-on class where you will learn how to work with carnelian to: banish fears that keep you stuck release limiting beliefs that hinder your ability to be successful boost courage and confidence in yourself & your abilities supercharge motivation to transform stagnation into action so that you can take action to get things done and fulfill your goals leading you to success embrace powerful transformation to transform your ideas & goals into successful outcomes This is an uplifting and engaging class that can transform your life in amazing ways so that you can create the life that you want. Come join us and let the magic unfold! Through video conferencing, students in the online crystal classes will be able to see each other, talk to one another and interact with the instructor. Come join us and make new friends from around the world as you learn how to work with crystals for healing! Let the magic unfold! You will need a computer or mobile device (ipad, tablet, smartphone) with a built in video camera (or a webcam), an internet connection and a carnelian gemstone. What's Included As part of the course you will also receive a beautiful full-coloured detailed course manual (pdf) and access to course content after the live course airs for you to watch again. Note: Students must attend the live online class in order to receive access to the recorded video of the class as well as receive a copy of the class instruction manual. If students fail to attend the class live, or miss the class for any reason, then no access to the class video recording or instruction manual will be given to the student and no refund will be provided.
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