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Pfizer donations to organisations in 2021, of course, had no influence …

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Pfizer publishes a list of grants that have been awarded. At the very bottom of its ‘Statement on Transparency in Grants’ page, Pfizer links to a list of funds awarded for Q1-Q2 of the 2021 financial year (“FY”). This page is found under the “responsibility” section of Pfizer’s website. However, the Q1-Q2 report linked under “responsibility” is not the latest.

Tucked under the “about” section of Pfizer’s website is a link to funding reports from 2008 to 2021. The report for 2021 is the latest, as of yet there is no report for the 2022 FY. These reports relate to funding of organisations within the US and are titled ‘US Medical, Scientific, Patient and Civic Organization Funding Report: FY 20xx’. The report for 2021 is for the full 2021 FY which you can view HERE. We have attached a copy of it below in the event it mysteriously disappears from public view sometime in the future.

Unless it is disclosed elsewhere, it seems Pfizer is only transparent when it comes to its funding of US organisations.

“In 2008, Pfizer began reporting grants and charitable contributions provided to medical, scientific and patient organisations in the US. This reflects our commitment to increasing transparency around the support Pfizer provides to organisations that work to improve the health of patients and advance science,” its website states.

On another section of its website, a webpage titled ‘Funded Initiatives’, Pfizer lists funding to both organisations inside of and outside the US – such as Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust, WebMD and Oxford Academic Health Science Network in the UK; and elsewhere, Indonesian Heart Association, Australian Atherosclerosis Society and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society – but the list does not show the value of the funding given. Although these can be obtained by following the project hyperlinks provided one is left with the impression that Pfizer only is as transparent as far as rules set outside the organisation require. The projects listed under ‘Funded Initiatives’ have a start date between 1 January 2010 and 1 March 2019, suggesting that this list may not have been updated for some time as reports in 2020 suggest Pfizer’s grants were substantial from the outset of the covid era.

In April 2020, the Pfizer Foundation announced a commitment of $40 million in medical and charitable cash grants “to help combat the global health effects of the covid-19 pandemic.” The commitment was to address the “vital needs” of partners actively working to slow the spread of the virus within communities and strengthen vulnerable health systems against future public health threats, Pfizer stated. Pharma News Intelligence wrote that “the foundation will donate medicines and vaccines, as well as medical and charitable grants to support both domestic and global responses.”

Corporate media have rarely, if at all, investigated or publicised who has been funded by Pfizer – they wouldn’t dare expose the machinations of the corporate network that funds them. As a report by National Review pointed out last year: “Several of Canada’s largest legacy media companies failed to reveal nearly $2 million worth of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals funding that a leading paediatrics professor from Alberta has received while pushing for vaccination of 5 to 11-year-olds.” So, it has been left up to citizen journalists and independent media to bring details of conflicts of interest to the public’s attention.

In the case of Pfizer and US organisations, Aaron Siri, an American lawyer and we could add a reluctant citizen journalist, has stepped up to the plate and revealed the extent of Pfizer’s funding to certain US organisations/institutions during 2021, the year of the “vaccine.” Below is Siri’s Twitter thread summarising the beneficiaries of Pfizer’s “generosity.”

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