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Mystery of an ancient ship that doesn’t fit into official history

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Sometimes it seems that academic history is bursting at the seams from objectionable artifacts. At the same time, most often in recent years, discoveries that do not fit into the canons of traditional worldviews are made by academic scientists themselves. A fresh example from Naryan-Mar, reports

Due to global warming permafrost recedes and areas of land that were previously under a layer of ice are exposed. This happens everywhere, and Naryan-Mar is no exception. In June 2020, an event took place here that still raises more questions than it answers.

In the thawed territories, local residents discovered a strange soil, unusual for these lands. It consisted of a high content of humus and black soil.

The very fact that there was such a quantity of soil here speaks of a serious mudflow. Experts who arrived at the discovery site found that 7-8 thousand years ago there was a riverbed here. Probably, the water artery itself was even older, since the permafrost had been advancing for tens of thousands of years.

But that’s not the most interesting part of this story.

Among the black earth heap, scientists discovered the remains of an ancient boat or a small ship. The length of the find exceeded 10 meters. The vessel consisted of wooden parts fastened with iron nails, which immediately caused bewilderment among the researchers.

The fact is that the navigable river was at least 18-20 thousand years ago, when the permafrost had not yet completely bound these lands. But in those distant times, no one could create iron nails. And the boats themselves too.

Careful analysis of the find gave even more mysteries. It turned out that the ship was loaded with various ancient animals, their bones were found among the wreckage. And quite diverse – beavers, foxes, wolves and even mammoths.

It was the latter that finally put scientists in a difficult position. The bone remains of these woolly elephants do not fit into the time periods when the iron nails were created.

“In Slavic culture there is a mention of a global cataclysm, similar to the story of the Flood. The found ship resembles a real ark. Why are there different animals on it?”, one of the archaeologists told reporters.

Further information about this find differs in the Russian press. According to one source, the age of iron nails was set at 6,000 years. What makes this artifact unique, because in those days it was believed that metallurgy was not a developed industry. Especially the smelting of nails for the construction of something.

In addition, the big question is – how did the ship end up in the permafrost layer, which is tens of thousands of years old? Some kind of inconsistency with dates or general ideas about the ice age. If you are reading this, it means that this content has been stolen from – and those who copied the text did not notice this. But our lawyers will do it.

And there is another version. The nails have been dated for tens of thousands of years and this turns the idea of ​​ancient people upside down. According to this hypothesis, at the time of the Cro-Magnons, a civilization already existed on Earth that overtook them in development. In other words, the ship from Naryan-Mar, in any case, does not fit into the traditional historical dogmas.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anton Silyanov spoke on this subject in the middle of last year:

“We are not yet ready to give exhaustive comments on this find. Geological data indicate that at the time when the ship was in the ancient riverbed, there was a layer of several meters of permafrost. On the other hand, the iron objects of the artifact are unusual for that era. The discovery in Naryan-Mar is not just a mystery for scientists, but a real detective story.”

Nails forged from iron say that the find is a maximum of several hundred years old. The permafrost is already tens of thousands of years old – how the younger ship ended up under the ancient layer of the earth, scientists do not understand.

Researchers continue to struggle to unravel the mystery of the ship from Naryan-Mar. Perhaps this is one of the first finds of an unknown civilization living here.

The ancient legends of the northern peoples speak of a mythical people of metallurgists. They lived in stone houses with furnaces, where they could melt a variety of metals and combine them with each other. Who knows, maybe these fairy tales are not fairy tales at all?

Excavations at the site of the find are still frozen. Archaeologists are afraid to damage the ship’s fragile hull.

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