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VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2606 — People Are Now Blaming [JB] | Corruption At The Highest Level

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By X22 Report – Published October 20, 2021

Ep. 2606a – [CB]/[DS] Just Said The Quiet Part Out Loud, People Are Now Blaming [JB]

Bankers are now jumping ship, the entire [CB] illusionary system is now falling apart. The [DS]/[CB] players are pushing the green new deal as they all fly to the climate summit. 60% are now blaming [JB] for the inflation, combine this with the supply chain issue and it’s all falling on the puppet. [CB] says the quiet part out loud about crypto.


Ep. 2606b – Corruption At The Highest Level, Panic, 4th Quarter Patriots We Fight Together

The [DS] is now panicking, they do not know how to get Trump and the people are now waking up like crazy, the avalanche has started and it cannot be stopped. We are now entering the 4th quarter and Trump made a prediction, that the 4th quarter we were going to see things turn around. This is the beginning of the fight to take the country back, this doesn’t mean violence its about pushing freedom and showing the [DS] that we will not comply that we will live free and the minority actions will not control the majority of this country. 


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