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So Long and Thanks For All the Tweets

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I wanted to write a quick post here to let readers know that I have deleted my Twitter account. I’ve used the platform since 2010 so it wasn’t a decision I took lightly. Following the takeover of the platform by Elon Musk, the mass layoffs that followed, and the reinstating of problematic accounts which were  banned for breaching various rules on the platform, including hate speech violations, I felt left with little choice.

It has felt for a little while as though Twitter has grown into a hostile platform on which you have to take more and more steps to avoid harassment and abuse (direct and indirect) while participating. Now, I think that this is something which is only going to get worse under the banner of “free speech”.

It’s sad to delete my account and lose connection with so many people, many of whom I’ve come to consider as friends, but I cannot continue to use the platform in good conscience when so many people there are openly subjected to antisemitic, homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic abuse. The reinstatement of Donald Trump’s account is the straw that broke the camel’s back, and today I made the final decision to delete my account.

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