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Pelosi walks in, audience immediately starts booing (video)

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Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi found out the hard way what many people think of her when she made a surprise visit and the fans unleashed a massive round of boos. The incident was caught on video and watched over a million times in just under 24 hours.

WATCH Pelosi get booed:

This took place at NYC’s Global Citizen music festival. It’s unclear why Pelosi thought bringing her politics to a music stage was a good idea, but the fans reaction was priceless as they certainly sent a riveting message to the controversial Democrat.

Midterm elections are coming up soon and both Republicans and Democrats are making names for themselves and pushing their party. However, when people are at a music festival, the last thing they want to hear or see is probably a politician.

Politicians should have figured this out by now that Americans don’t like their entertainment ruined by politics or ‘wokeness.’ To have political figures at a music fest is sure to annoy everyone because people are trying to escape reality and have some fun, not have the Democratic Party pushing nonsense on them while they’re just looking for a good time.

Putting politics into sports, Hollywood, and anything else that doesn’t necessitate it is just one of the many out-of-touch ways political figures can lose supporters. Politicians today don’t know how to connect with the audience and can’t seem to figure out the best way to promote themselves or their agenda.

Americans want their concerts, sports, movies, TV, and all forms of entertainment left alone so they can escape the nonsense and just have a good day. Politics should be left out of those things and many people will agree with that.

The political signs everywhere and low quality and inflammatory television commercials are just as bad. While many people get excited to vote during midterms, there’s a lot of people who can’t wait until it’s over so all the propaganda goes away. We already know that a lot the politicians out there are liars or caught up in scandals, but we don’t need daily reminders every time there’s a space for a commercial on television. At some point it becomes tiresome and annoying.

Nancy Pelosi needs to use this moment to read the room and then next time – stay out of it.

Photo: YouTube screencap

This story syndicated with licensed permission from Frank who writes about political news stories. Follow Frank on Facebook.

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